People I know

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updated 11.11.05

Abi Walker
Abi is a vet, and will probably go and do fun work with big scary animals in Africa, or South America, or somewhere. She knows nothing at all about geography except for the places she has been, so actually she knows plenty of geography. Abi has a tendency to go wondering off to places where she doesn't know the language and getting along fine anyway. Its very easy to make her smile, which means her face can ache at the end of the day. Her singing sounds wonderful, her cooking is tasty and she leaves her shoes in unexpected places.
Alex Mordue
Has, quite possibly, reached the pinnacle of maslows pyramid of needs. Alex is one of the most contented people I have ever met. He has entered Robot Wars several times. Mostly with firestorm. He is good at making things work.
Andrew Seales
Dark Side of the Moon, 7.1 surround sound.
Andrew Clarkin
Idealist, with a protestant work ethic and catholic guilt. Deals with pressure well. He understands the importance of keeping in contact with old friends. Andrew likes making bread, walking up hills, and good photographs. He has great respect for the milky goodness.
Andrew Gemmell
Allegedly some kind of psychologist nowadays. Good drummer who cares about his appearance.
Annie Barbour
Sweet and sincere. I lost her sim card once, with goodness knows what consequences. Maybe she will come and see me again anyway :)
Blob has a proper job and a beautiful daughter and wife. I haven't seen him for a while. Master of vocabulary, but not of spelling, terms introduced by blob are particularly adhesive. He likes morbid music and clubs, but not smoky or dusty atmospheres.
Casey Divine
Casey got his Masters in Electrical Engineering. He works at some section of THX , which is a company in California. He loves to work 14 hours a day, and sleep as little as possible. He owns a combat knife, a pipe, a hip flask, and some tweed jackets and is growing his goatee long. Casey plays the mandolin, I would only do the range of his his musical tastes a disservice if I attempted to describe it here.
Dave Anderson
Dave likes sailing and computer games which involve flying aircraft or being a soldier. He also likes the film, "Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels". His speech is riddled with film references and military terms. I think Dave would like to be a successful entrepreneur, or maybe a wise investor. He loves maths. His master-plan probably involves a 45' yacht.
Duncan Armstrong
Duncan is a closet exhibitionist. He writes poetry which he lets people read, and he has a webcam. If he could play an instrument he'd write songs too. Duncan mostly lets other people speak while he sits hairily in the corner. His accent is undefinable but sounds slightly scottish on the phone. Duncan is particularly skilled at spending money on music and films, not to mention his hifi.
Emma Parker
Owns a unicycle
Graham Stewart
Visually aware computer scientist (strange, i know). Graham naturally has an unusual sleep pattern. I wonder if he's just in sync with another continent.
Hazel Leigh
Hazel is nice and friendly and polite to everybody. She lives in sheffield and may be associated with the Northern Techno Alliance. Hazel is known for wearing trousers such as those seen in pigeon street. She has cool hair. I like her singing, but i haven't heard any for a while :(
John Murphy
Karl Saville
Karl makes tasty food. He is opinionated about many films. He loves star trek, and I think he likes horror films. Not a jackie chan fan. Karl regards semen donation as prostitution. Karl is good at hacking about with languages and environments he doesn't know much about. He did well in his computer science degree. Karl can speak Norwegian. He takes his tea strong and milky and goes on stupid raw-food only diets which somehow allow pringles.
Liisa Hilden
Liisa takes beautiful photographs. She wins awards, and now appears to have taken up painting.
Malcolm Sommerville
Malcolm has a catamaran and lives in Ramsay Street. He likes to shout at the inadequacies of other road users, and to drink fine whisky. He can probably play the guitar but probably doesn't very much. Wildebeest live in his garden.
Melanie Baxter
Mel writes good songs.
Nina Parsons
Beautiful, loyal, kind of spiky. She seems most comfortable when in control, and has a deep caring for others. Does not tolerate fools and chancers.
Rob Wilson
Equine dentistry technician, builder, decorator, polo player and generally experienced guy. Rob is travelling the world until he decides to settle down, maybe marry someone rich and buy a ranch.
Scott Gardiner
Scott seldom stops singing. He sings at home, in concerts, in pubs, and more recently at a worrying number of funerals. Bothy music is his thing, although country will do. Scott can often be found touring the bookshops of Edinburgh. How he stops singing long enough to sit and read all their books, I have no idea.
Seb Loeda
Paella and Tortilla maker extrodinaire, Seb graced Edinburgh with his presence for 4 years of an Electrical Engineering degree. In fact, I think he may have returned.
Stasi Divine
Stasi lived in a friendly flat of girls who were randomly assigned to live with each other in first year. Her DIY expertise was called upon whenever I needed anything doing, nominally to assist in a foreman like capacity. She watches the tv channel 'living' far more than most. Despite her tendency to give away her computers, Stasi can program in several languages. Stasi is strong, stubborn and generous. She enjoys buffy the vampire slayer.
Steve Humphrey
If you discover that several texts have been sent from your mobile phone consisting of the message "I am infeasibly gay," It may well have been Steve.
Tim Fletcher
Obsessed by the concept of attention seeking, Tim is fascinated by human behaviour and taxonomy. He can be obnoxious and talks more than I do. He likes playing and designing games, but likes a game to be good independently of the concept of "winning". He doesn't much like people touching him.